Authentic Yoga for the Global Village-Dweller

Are you struggling with a challenge in your present reality? You are not finding your career meaningful enough? You are willing to improve your intimate relationship through personal growth? Are you looking for a space to unwind and relax? NeoYogic Movement creates welcoming spaces for inspiration, creativity, and empowerment through yoga. We see yoga practice as a way to de-stress, relax, and balance. We can help you to experience your emotional and mental world in a supportive and observing way by utilizing authentic yoga tools, methods and philosophy to facilitate a greater understanding of who you are, which will enable you to transform your unique challenge struggles and grow. Yoga for us equals self-care, meditation, and personal and spiritual growth.

Self-Care is Your Road to Oneness

Yoga is all about restoring you back to a state where your body, mind, and spirit are relaxed. There, you can allow yourself to experience your inner world through meditation. It is not about doing a workout or following a Yoga-inspired fitness program. There are four main paths of Yoga (compared to very many Yoga styles out there). Each path is suited to a different temperament or approach to life. All the paths lead ultimately to the same destination, to the state of oneness, and the teachings of each of them need to be integrated for you to evolve physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Karma Yoga

The Path of Self Sacrifice and Action. It is the path for those who are of an outgoing nature or work all the time and can not sit or relax easily.

Bhakti Yoga

The Path of Self Surrender and Devotion. It is the path for those who are of an emotional nature. It is a natural path for women.

Jnana Yoga

The path of Self Analysis and Knowledge. It is the path for intellectual people. This is the most difficult path as it requires tremendous strength of will and intellect.

Raja Yoga

The Path of Self Control (Physical and Mental Control). It is the path for systematically inclined and organized people.

What Does your Inner Child Need Right Now?

Life is filled with situations that require you not to only pay attention but to really transform yourself continuously to meet the demands of your own growth potential. This inner child who is always in his explorative, inquisitive, and innocent nature is something we all share.

Online Classes

Here is the feedback from one of our students: “I’ve found these classes immensely helpful during the lockdown. I’ve surprised myself in how calm and positive I’ve been able to stay, and I’m sure your classes have played a major part in this.” (Jane)

Yoga is for the Mind Online Class

Weekly breath-centered, relaxing, and meditative Sunday open-level yoga session.

Let’s Breathe into Meditation Online Class

Weekly pranayama and meditation session introducing different yogic breathing techniques leading to effortless meditation. Open to beginners.

Insta Live Morning Breath-Centered Yoga Class

Free ‘Start your day right’ yoga session boost. Check us out every Tuesday morning on Instagram.

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