The NeoYogic Movement has been devised by founder Tanya Didovic, in order to share her deep insights and messages, born out of her own study, experience, contemplation and meditation. Trained in the KYM tradition (500 hrs +) and Yoga Alliance certified (200 hrs), Tanya has the vision to reshape the present western Yogic culture by rooting it right back to the ancient Yoga tradition, which is being taught in India. Share the path of her own spiritual ascension and renew it with a deep personal connection she has with her own Self. Empower her teachings with showing you the alchemy of how to follow the 4 different paths of Yoga (Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and Raja Yoga) at the same time whilst applying her own unique guidance as a teacher, deriving from her own creative talents and observations of dance.


Childhood memories serve us to trace back the knowledge we have received. Information becomes knowledge once we understand how to apply it in life’s real time. All our senses should pick up only our life’s instructions. We do this naturally when we are children.

‘I don’t have many vivid memories from childhood, but I remember ever since I was a little girl there was a deep sense of a ‘witness’ within me..’.


The knowledge of Yoga has infinite powers. So many people know about Yoga on a very superficial level, and many are abusing this knowledge for their personal gain, spreading incomplete information. Yoga is not a fitness program. Posture or asana cannot be equated to Yoga, it is only a small practice piece of the whole science of Yoga.

The 4 Paths of Yoga

There are four main paths of Yoga (compared to very many Yoga styles out there). Each path is suited to a different temperament or approach to life. All the paths lead ultimately to the same destination, to the state of the union, and the lessons of each of them need to be integrated if true wisdom is to be attained.


Karma Yoga

The Path of Self Sacrifice and Action. It is the path for those who are of an outgoing nature or work all the time and can not sit or relax easily.

Bhakti Yoga

The Path of Self Surrender and Devotion. It is the path for those who are of an emotional nature. It is a natural path for women.

Jnana Yoga

The path of Self Analysis and Knowledge. It is the path for intellectual people. This is the most difficult path as it requires tremendous strength of will and intellect.

Raja Yoga

The Path of Self Control (Physical and Mental Control). It is the path for systematically inclined and organized people.

Classes and Workshops

Yoga has given us all the knowledge to ‘innerstand’ what true health means and what true health brings. I am instructed to help to turn the focus of this matter inwards, starting with a healthy astral body and our energy channels, since the awareness of health starts much deeper then what we have come to see. Your body is a vessel that takes you into the spiritual ascension.


Effortless Meditation Encounter

Monthly Experience Relax Breathe Laugh Dance Meditation Event with a Live Musician.


Practice and study of pranayama is to gain control over all movements through control of breath or prana.

Yogasana for NeoYogis

NeoYogic Movement is all about transcending the average ‘Western’ perception that asana is Yoga.

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