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All my expectations exceeded

From the moment I enquired, Tanya: the organiser, had been very kind and accommodating. I was straight away impressed by Tanya’s quick response to answering all my questions and a nice friendly phone call from her after I booked was a really great touch to get acquainted. Tanya had created a group chat for all attending the retreat and more of an opportunity for all to get to familiarised with one another before the actual event. Fantastic idea, as by the time we actually met at the retreat, we weren’t complete strangers.The Retreat itself… When I finally arrived at the retreat, it was much more than what I actually imagined… Absolutely breath taking and beautiful! The retreat was held in an incredible countryside, quiet, clean and relaxing setting. I knew from that moment that this retreat was going to be something truly amazing. Accommodation: The accommodation, which was perfect and exactly as described in detail on the retreat page, was absolutely lovely and comfortable. Yoga/meditation: During the retreat itself, we had taken part in morning and evening yoga/ meditation, which was perfectly conducted by Tanya. She would guide us well through each yoga positions and also gave great explanations into the origins of yoga, it’s teachings and its benefits. This was a very nice touch. Activities: Tanya also added a personal touch to this retreat by organising fun activities, which included: star gazing, hiking, water rafting, cycling, horse riding and also an opportunity to take part in wine tasting on our last meal and night together. All activities were so much fun and organised really well. Meals: We all had well balanced and healthy meals throughout the retreat also few opportunities to try traditional Slovenian foods which was very tasty and authentic. We were also provided daily with fresh local home grown fruit/vegetables too, which was a nice treat. Before the retreat, Tanya had also asked if we wanted any particular foods/snacks during the retreat, which was very thoughtful. It has been an absolute pleasure to have met some incredibly lovely diverse people on the retreat. Grateful for having such great company and making this retreat truly memorable and a lot of fun. Overall, I have been given some very useful guidance and learnt new techniques in yoga, meditation and mindfulness. A special thank you to Tanya for such a brilliant unforgettable time. You have exceeded my expectations and I am forever changed by this authentic yoga retreat.

Neheeta P.
At the retreat with Tanya
Sep 21, 2017

A wonderful experience

I attended the 4 day Adventure and Wellness Escape in Slovenia, arranged by Tanya.  The aspects of yoga and activities such as hiking and kayaking interested me and I’d never been to Slovenia before and thought why not do it?  The escape was well arranged by Tanya. Each day started off with morning yoga with a different choice of activities each day and the day ended with meditation.  It was a wonderful experience and I made some great friends. Good luck to Tanya on any future adventures she arranges.

Reema B.
At the retreat with Tanya
Oct 1, 2017

So inspiring!

If you are looking for an unforgettable moment, I highly recommend Tanya’s yoga Retreat. Throughout my stay, I was never once bored. Tanya is an exceptional host and extraordinary yoga teacher.  I learnt a whole new asana sequence, enjoyed meditating under her guidance, and most importantly being comfortable and tolerant in my own skin. Our morning and evening sessions were held under a gazebo surrounded by greens and nature. Semic greenery architecture is breathtaking and peaceful. I loved seeing a ladybug on my mat during one morning session. Tanya spoiled us with delicious condiments and local food. Nothing but fresh hand picked fruits and vegetables from her parents orchard. Top notch ingredients and in abundance. This retreat was complimented with many outdoor activities, bringing a whole level of experience to me. Hiking, water rafting down the river Kolpa, star gazing and wine tasting.  I will be definitely be signing up for the next retreat and please make the stay longer. Who would have thought I would love it so much. Water rafting, bring it on!

Hian S.
At the retreat with Tanya
Sep 14, 2017

Extraordinary retreat

Our Slovenian retreat was honestly one of a kind. Tanya is one the most inspiring humans on earth. Always kind, smiley and great to be around. She is a fantastic host: no problem is ever a problem when it comes to her. It was beautiful to spend our time doing yoga and exploring Slovenian hidden gems. I would recommend this retreat to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience with open hearted people that will make your time extraordinary.

Melissa P.
At the retreat with Tanya
Sep 5, 2017

I highly recommend Tanya’s classes, workshops and retreats

From the very first session with Tanya I was completely hooked, her warmth, passion and knowledge knows no bounds and I can say without hesitation she is by far one of the most exceptional teachers I’ve come across and I’ve had my fair share ;). Her dedication to her practice is obvious, all her classes have a wonderfully unique quality to them, I personally have been fortunate enough to attend Tanya’s classes on a regular basis and cannot begin to convey just how much her sessions have helped me in so many areas of my life. Not only is she a brilliant teacher, she is an incredible human being with an infectious personality full of love and fun, a true inspiration! I cannot stress how much I recommend trying her classes, workshops and retreats, she’s a true gem!

Lorna C.
May 22, 2017

Life Changing

Tanya is a wonderful woman who enlightens everywhere she goes with positivism! I met her this year in the building I live in and attended her yoga classes. After 3 weeks not only did my asthma improve, as so did my prospect on life change for the positive. I believe to have become a much more comprehensive individual with a happier spirit. Meeting Tanya and having experienced yoga with her has definitely been life changing. Thank you so much Tanya for brightening my day 🙂 <3

Marta A.
December 13, 2016

Such a unique experience

Tanya’s workshops are amazing and very powerful. They created a space, where my heart opened and I felt connected with my soul so deeply, and each time it would bring me to a different unexpected place. It is a beautiful divine experience which made my life richer, happier, healthier and fuller with joy. Thank you so much Tanya for sharing your classes with us.


Tanja C.
July 7, 2015

Brilliant holistic experience

Tanya immediately welcomed me into the group with her warmth and tremendous hospitality. It was my first visit to her Effortless Meditation Encounter group and I found it a very rewarding event. Tanya not only provides insightful instruction but is a brilliant yoga teacher. Backed by Leandro’s magical music it was a very powerful Neo-Yoga and holistic experience.  I left feeling truly energised and am looking forward to my next visit. I strongly recommend! Thank you Tanya!!



Will F.
June 12, 2015

A great class

Hi Tanya, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the recent yoga and meditation classes you organised, I came out feeling really refreshed and clear minded. I’m looking forward to the next one.



Alan B.
June 1, 2015

An experience you will not forget

Tanya is one of the best teachers I have ever known and met. She is a super friendly, generous and kind person with a big beautiful heart. She is spiritual, wise and well grounded. Her classes are well structured, fun and full of valuable information. I felt safe and cared for during her classes. I cannot recommend Tanya enough! You have to see for yourself. 🙂

Lida B.
March 26, 2015