purple-quotation-mark-th-e1431739644749I don’t have many vivid memories from childhood, but I remember ever since I was a little girl there was a deep sense of a ‘witness’ within me. I have never lost that sense and have cultivated it by feeding it with my talents and worldly experiences, which often went to extremes with some instances resulting in grave consequences and implications. I was never brought up religiously but I was very interested in spirituality. My first spiritual book was about Yoga/Tantra (when I was 16 years old). I was drawn to the philosophy of many other religions and thought systems as it seemed natural to me to grasp them, not in their entirety, but the essence of them. I was always interested in getting to the bottom of things, seeing them in their true light, to understand them completely. I would absorb the main principles of those systems to the best of my abilities the moment I would understand them. The art which I was developing with this kind of ‘processing’ and ‘blending’ proved to be a way that I go about in life, my way. I have come to realise its true power and importance in my own spiritual advancement, but the power of a skill that took a lifetime to develop.

Dance was also my form of expression and thought since early age. Everything was dance to me. As I grew up I have developed my ‘dancer’ through dance training and study and as I delved deeper into what dance really means to me I also progressed on my spiritual path. Encountering buto, the avant-garde performance art and its method liberated and empowered me in many ways. It became the form of my all sub sequential Art performances.

I have always upheld and practised high values in life, health and truth being the far most important to me, also kindness and compassion. I have closely worked with a Romani (‘gipsy’) community of my native region and studied their dance and music tradition. At the same time, I faced and fought the prejudice surrounding their ‘marginalised’ existence. I was moved directly on a profound level through this engagement. 

When I moved to UK in 2008, I started exploring Yoga and the physical aspect of it. After experiencing a tragic loss in my life, I felt a strong urge to delve deeper into Yoga. In 2013 I got a chance to attend a Yoga Alliance TTC (teacher’s training course) in Rishikesh, India and stayed for over six months. I have continued to further my studies between 2015 and 2017 at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, which is one of the most revered and world-renowned Yoga educational organisations. Krishnamacharya tradition grew out of distinguished ancestry, such as the 9th-century teacher and sage Sri Nathamuni (author of Yoga Rahasya). T Krishnamacharya is widely regarded as the father of modern Yoga. After receiving a deeper knowledge of Yoga through intensive study and practice, being guided by my respected teachers, I experienced profoundly transformative events and moments, which felt so perfectly natural. I learned in depth the scientific art of pranayama (the extension of prana through breath control) from a guru of Swami Sivananda lineage. I had the honour of meeting real saints or sages of today’s modern India and spent considerable time in their presence and in ashram life. Being in the company of these beings felt so out of this world for me. I clearly understood at this point that attaining the highest Yogic state of Self realisation is my life’s purpose and I have now aligned myself entirely with this ‘vibratory frequency’.

I have been active as a teacher since 2014. In my first year, I have designed several unique workshop formulas that aimed to strip Yoga right back to its origins yet they also offered an effortless experience in meditation. In conjunction with this, I have also founded the NeoYogic Movement, which is dedicated to transforming the present Yoga culture in the West and promoting Yoga as a spiritual practice rather than daily physical by enriching it with my own experience and knowledge of spirituality.

All events facilitated through this premise are constructed in the sense of extraordinary transformative gatherings, which take form of retreats, workshops, urban yoga days, etc.

In 2015, NeoYogic Movement became an affiliate to an online open source spiritual database and platform through Realm Dynamics, a highly advanced and innovative company which provided a multi-faced synchronistic insight for me during my journey in the form of information and products, which deprogram and activate human energetic potential.

Walking bravely and truthfully, my path is immeasurable, it has no end.purple-quotation-mark-right-th-e1431739628285