Effortless Meditation Encounter

Experience Relax Breathe Laugh Dance Meditation Event with a Live Musician

Yoga has given us all the knowledge to understand what true health really means. It’s a complete system, which advises us to live a holistic lifestyle and acquire knowledge, which will take us in a combined effort towards full enlightenment. I am concerned with reshaping the Western Yoga culture, as the awareness of health starts much deeper then what we have come to see. To pinpoint it exactly, being healthy means that your energy channel network and chakras are purified and your chakras are activated (starting to spin). Your body is a vessel that takes you into the spiritual ascension. I am very much concerned with helping to create and being part of a community that will take us towards the whole body, mind and spirit transformation. Being empowered by the wisdom of the past and by the world’s latest actualities, I have conceived this powerful class, which serves all on the deepest levels of our ‘innerverse’. All the profits of past events were donated to charity.


Full Length Pranayama Classes


Prana (the vital force behind life, living energy, ‘livingness’ of everything, complex, multidimensional energy – a combination of electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, photonic, ocular, thermal and mental energies) Ayama (stretch, extension, regulation, prolongation, control)
In life, we have movements (physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual)

Practice and study of Pranayama are to gain control over all movements of life through control of breath or prana. Pranayama is inhalation (PURAKA), exhalation (RECHAKA) and breath retention (KUMBHAKA). We manipulate, vary and permute the inhale and exhale, to prolong the breath retention. Retention can be inner (ANTAR), outer (BAHIR) and spontaneous (KEVALA). Retention is the pause in between.

Prana, breath and mind are interrelated. Prana is less subtle than mind and breath is less subtle than prana. By controlling our breath, we control prana and by controlling prana we control the MIND. As the breath becomes slow and quiet, so does the mind begin to silence down.

We find reference of yogic Pranayama already in the Bhagavad Gita (over 4000 years ago). Other important references are also found in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Rahasya and other significant yogic texts. With the popularity of Yoga also Pranayama has become well known, but its practice remains mostly unexplored in depth and in essence.

Our donation-based classes in Battersea Park, London has widened much awareness about the importance of breath not only in yoga practice but also in everyday life. Follow us to get our updates.


Yogasana for NeoYogis

NeoYogic Movement is all about transcending the common western assumption that asana is Yoga. Our asana class is a vinyasa at its core, structured by one of the greatest yogis of modern times Sri T Krishnamacharya. The connection between breath, body and mind is complete. Sessions are designed to energise, balance or restore and are truly meditative. In terms of strength, these classes are not full on physical as some other ‘power vinyasa’ styles. The emphasis is on function, not alignment. Subtle effects of certain postures and the individual capacity of one’s breath determines how challenging the class really gets. In this way, many injuries are avoided and progress is fully supported. Sequences often promote the experience of meditation in movement. When a Yoga teacher is adept to advanced meditation practices, the student’s experience will be much deeper and more insightful.

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