Current Zoom OnLine Class Schedule

Times: Each Sunday at 10 45 AM (London local time)

This is a slow-paced, relaxing, therapeutic, and meditative session centered around the breath. The aim of the practice is not to exhaust you but to gently energize you and bring you some much-needed mental calm.



Price: £5

1 hr 15 Open Level Class

Classes will resume in autumn

Times: These classes are not running at the moment

This is pranayama and meditation, an open-level class. It is advisable to be a yoga practitioner already, however, it is not compulsory. Even if you are a complete beginner (either in pranayama or meditation), we take regular breaks to stretch the body, which is not used to sit still during a 45 min long session. The practice aims to introduce different yogic breathing and focusing techniques which then effortlessly help you to experience meditation.


Price: £5

45 min Open Level Class


How Do Our Classes Look and Feel?

NeoYogic Movement is all about transcending the common western assumption that asana is Yoga. Our asana class is a vinyasa at its core, anchored in the teachings by one of the greatest yogis of modern times Sri T Krishnamacharya. The connection between breath, body, and mind is complete. Sessions are designed to energize, balance or restore and are truly meditative. In terms of strength, these classes are not full-on physical as some other ‘power vinyasa’ styles and are intended to bring your focus inwards. The emphasis is on function, not alignment. Subtle effects of certain postures and the individual capacity of one’s breath determines how challenging the class really gets. In this way, many injuries are avoided and progress is fully supported. Sequences often promote the experience of meditation in movement. When a Yoga teacher is adept at advanced meditation practices, the student’s experience will be much deeper and more insightful.