Yoga at Your Office

Yoga is highly efficient in helping you to maximize productivity at your workplace by offering:

  • immediate stress relief
  • rise in energy levels and reduction of fatigue
  • assistance with occupational ailments such as (headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc)
  • improvement of focus & concentration
  • increase in a positive attitude and team spirit
  • help with creativity, inspiration and overall mental health

Yoga at your office doesn’t need any special props apart from a yoga mat. It can be as short as a half an hour session, at which people don’t sweat too much or longer if you can accommodate. It is all-inclusive as it considers everyone uniquely. A pre-work morning session will even ensure that your employees will be at the office on time.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash
  • Price for a 10 x 30min class pack is £500

  • Price for a 10 x 60min class pack is £1000

The first session is a free tester, no further commitment required unless you wish it. Use our contact form or call Tanya on 07714451978 to get in touch.