All my expectations exceeded

From the moment I enquired, Tanya: the organiser, had been very kind and accommodating. I was straight away impressed by Tanya’s quick response to answering all my questions and a nice friendly phone call from her after I booked was a really great touch to get acquainted. Tanya had created a group chat for all attending the retreat and more of an opportunity for all to get to familiarised with one another before the actual event. Fantastic idea, as by the time we actually met at the retreat, we weren’t complete strangers.The Retreat itself… When I finally arrived at the retreat, it was much more than what I actually imagined… Absolutely breath taking and beautiful! The retreat was held in an incredible countryside, quiet, clean and relaxing setting. I knew from that moment that this retreat was going to be something truly amazing. Accommodation: The accommodation, which was perfect and exactly as described in detail on the retreat page, was absolutely lovely and comfortable. Yoga/meditation: During the retreat itself, we had taken part in morning and evening yoga/ meditation, which was perfectly conducted by Tanya. She would guide us well through each yoga positions and also gave great explanations into the origins of yoga, it’s teachings and its benefits. This was a very nice touch. Activities: Tanya also added a personal touch to this retreat by organising fun activities, which included: star gazing, hiking, water rafting, cycling, horse riding and also an opportunity to take part in wine tasting on our last meal and night together. All activities were so much fun and organised really well. Meals: We all had well balanced and healthy meals throughout the retreat also few opportunities to try traditional Slovenian foods which was very tasty and authentic. We were also provided daily with fresh local home grown fruit/vegetables too, which was a nice treat. Before the retreat, Tanya had also asked if we wanted any particular foods/snacks during the retreat, which was very thoughtful. It has been an absolute pleasure to have met some incredibly lovely diverse people on the retreat. Grateful for having such great company and making this retreat truly memorable and a lot of fun. Overall, I have been given some very useful guidance and learnt new techniques in yoga, meditation and mindfulness. A special thank you to Tanya for such a brilliant unforgettable time. You have exceeded my expectations and I am forever changed by this authentic yoga retreat.